Together, we can elevate your life and transform the world.

I’m here to build a better world with you. We do this by being more compassionate, focused, healthy and effective human beings every single day. My work is focused on helping you nourish your entire being on all levels, and my coaching and mentorship programs focus on two primary areas of expertise: plant-based lifestyle evolution and brand-building for wellness entrepreneurs.




Cultivate more joy, vitality, focus, flow and abundance in your life and your business. Learn how to build a wellness brand from scratch, or if you’re already in business, reach a new level of influence, community building and financial prosperity doing what you love.

Warning: this mentorship program is for serious wellpreneurs only. It requires hard work, dedication and facing your fears on a consistent basis. And a willingness to laugh at life… all the freakin’ time!

  • How to find your unique voice amongst a crowded wellness industry
  • Create a memorable, authentic brand that reflects your true self
  • Trust your creative expression and artistic instincts
  • Conquer your stage fright and fear of being on camera
  • Secrets for building your brand on social media
  • Strategies for massive growth via video content and livestreaming
  • How to monetize your brand via affiliate marketing, digital products, & more
  • The ins and outs of book publishing (both self-publishing and traditional)
  • Protecting your brand with copyrights, trademarks and insurance
  • Create multiple streams of consistent, sustainable income
  • Scale your brand to reach a global audience that wants to (literally) devour your content


Want to feel more energy and vitality? Or lose weight and detox your life? How about finally kicking your addiction to toxic foods or animal products?I specialize in optimal nutrition and delicious recipes that everyone from professional athletes to A-list actors to everyday peeps have enjoyed and thrived on. I’ve got you, baby. I’ve coached people for 20 years on how to healthfully and safely transition to a plant-based lifestyle that actually works long-term.

  • Mindful, healthy substitutions for your favorite traditional ingredients and foods
  • How to overcome cravings and addictions to toxic, unhealthy foods
  • Long-term nutritional strategies to stay energized, vital and strong
  • How to label read and mindfully shop for the right foods at the grocery store
  • Key supplements and nutrients that every vegan or vegetarian needs to thrive
  • Recipe preparation, meal planning and batch cooking techniques


Jason is a world-renowned live speaker who has dazzled and delighted hundreds of thousands of people with his unique blend of comedy, consciousness, education and entertainment. With over 20 years of experience on live stages around the world, he’s inspired, elucidated and aroused audiences at the Wanderlust Festivals, The Longevity Now Conference, Remedy Food Conference and Pebble Beach Food and Wine (to name a few!)

He’s shared the stage with fellow luminaries David Wolfe, Vani Hari, Dr. Lissa Rankin, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Kyle Cease, John Robbins, Dave Asprey, Caroline Myss and many others. Jason is available for speaking engagements at:

  • Health, wellness and mindfulness conferences
  • Food-related events, symposiums or festivals
  • Live food demos/lectures at music and art festivals
  • Yoga, exercise and fitness conferences
  • Tradeshow booths as a company ambassador
  • Corporate speaking engagements
  • Private and special events


Finally… a simple lifestyle transformation program that shows you how to bring more balance to your busy life and helps you overcome your biggest roadblocks around making healthier choices.

Learn a Simple 6 Step System That Brings Your Whole Life Into Focus To Maximize Your Health, Energy, & Mindset. So You Can Live More In Alignment With What Matters Most To You.

What you will learn about:

  • Vision
  • Nutrition
  • Organization
  • Fitness
  • Productivity
  • Mindfulness

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